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Ecospan Composite Floor, Deck & Roof Systems for Georgia

Ecospan Composite Structural Steel Flooring, Decking and Roofing Systems for GeorgiaDo you need an economical flooring or roofing system that is safe and easy to install, capable of long joist spans, fire resistant, and provides remarkable sound insulation? Your search has ended. The Ecospan Composite Floor System is your solution for both residential and commercial applications.

What is Ecospan? 

The Ecospan Composite Floor System is an effective, innovative, and economical method of providing all steel structural components for elevated floor construction while incorporating the benefits of lighter weight composite design. Also, because the Ecospan Composite Decks are finished with a steel reinforced concrete slab that can be poured monolithically with supporting ICF/cast-in-place walls, this decking system can also be utilized to create flat roofs that are resistant to high winds. 

Advantages of the Ecospan Composite Floor & Roof System

  • The Ecospan Composite Floor System is an economical solution for both residential and commercial floor systems.
  • Erection is safe, easy, and cost effective. Short deck sheets, plywood forms, and shoring are eliminated; sub-trades can normally continue construction the day after the concrete is placed. Ecospan provides a safe working platform and composite action in one simple step by securing full length steel deck sheets to the joists using the patented Shearflex HD Fasterner.
  • Floor to floor heights can often be decreased due to the ability to pass piping, mechanical ducts, conduit, etc. through the open web design.
  • High strength to weight ratio of composite steel joists allows for greater spans and spacing with lighter members than traditional joists.
  • Weight savings resulting from the composite joist design decreases building weight and enables foundation and wall costs to be reduced.
  • The Ecospan System is a secure, non-combustible steel product that has earned fire resistance ratings for 1, 2, and 3 hours.
  • The Ecospan Composite Floor System provides excellent sound insulation and has earned a Sound Transmission Classification (STC) of 57.
  • Contributes to the attainment of LEED green building certification by:
    •  Using over 89% combined recycled steel materials
    •  Large network of Nucor-Vulcraft facilities throughout our country, putting over 90% of all U.S. cities within 500 miles and reducing costly freight charges
    •  Electric Arc Furnace technology utilizes post-consumer scrap steel material as the major feedstock that in turn produces 67% less carbon equivalent emissions than those produced by conventional steel producing technology.


Supporting Wall Types for the Ecospan Composite Floor & Roof System

The Ecospan Composite Floor/Roof System can be framed/supported with the following wall systems:

Example of Ecospan supported with an Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) Wall:

Example of Ecospan Composite Floor System supported with ICF wall

What are Composite Joists?

Steel joists and concrete used in composite construction act as a unit creating an assembly that is stronger than each of the materials acting independently. In contrast, Non-Composite Joist systems resist design loads by the independent action of the concrete and joist. The equal and opposite forces acting in the concrete and bottom chord of the joist create a couple to resist the bending moment in the section. The Ecospan Composite Joist System utilizes the Shearflex stand-off screw to transfer the horizontal shear forces from the joist top chord into the concrete. The Shearflex screws are installed into the top chord of the joist through the steel deck and cast into the concrete slab. Please refer to the Ecospan Composite Floor System Design Guide (located under the Ecospan Technical Resources below) - Section 2.0 Ecospan Composite Floor System Design Overview for a more detailed description of this floor system )

How it Works

How it Works - Ecospan Composite Structural Steel Flooring, Decking and Roofing Systems for Georgia

1. JOISTS: The Ecospan Composite Floor System uses E-Series Vulcraft joists ranging from 10" to 30" deep and a maximum length of approximately 50'. Joist spacing is typically 4' to 6' o.c. The span is the distance from centerline to centerline for the supporting members. (For requirements outside this range, please contact Green Harbor Building Systems, LLC using our Contact Form

2. DECKING: Ecospan utilizes multi-span sheets of steel decking. In general, conform deck with a depth of 1" or 1-5/16" is used for residential applications. For commercial applications or wider joist spaces, 1 1/2" composite steel deck is typically selected. 

3. SHEARFLEX FASTENERS: A self-drilling and self-tapping screw that ranges in length from 2 1/2" to 3" in length (not including the threaded connection). The Shearflex Screw attaches the steel decking to the upper chord of the joist while allowing the main shaft of this connector to be imbedded in the concrete slab. Shearflex Screws are installed using the Vulcraft provided Shearset Tool that operates using standard 120 V electrical service. 

Ecospan Technical Drawing of Shearflex Fasteners | Green Harbor Building Sytsems GA

Ecospan Shearflex Screw Close-up Image | Green Harbor Building Sytsems GA

Ecospan Floor with rebar installed4. CONCRETE SLAB REINFORCEMENT (By Others): Slab reinforcement shall be the responsibility of the design professional. Rebar or welded wire fabric (wwf) is recommended for form (smooth or non-embossed decking surface) deck applications while distributed fibers may be an acceptable alternative for projects utilizing composite (embossed decking surface) decks. 

5. CONCRETE SLAB (By Others): The concrete topping slab (specified by the Design Professional) is normally comprised of normal weight concrete having a minimum 28 day ultimate compressive strength of 3,000 psi. These slabs typically have a thickness of 2-1/2”, but thicker slabs may be designed for heavier duty uses or serviceability concerns. 

Pouring the concrete slab for an Ecospan floor


Ecospan Composite Floor, Deck and Roof Systems Technical Resources:

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