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Giraffe ICF Bracing for Insulating Concrete Form Wall Construction in GA

Giraffe ICF Bracing System & Wall Alignment Systems for Insulating Concrete Forms Wall Construction in GAAs any experienced ICF installer knows, the plumb and straightness of an ICF wall is dependent upon the attention that is devoted to the wall alignment task by the ICF crew and the quality of the bracing equipment. Don't scrimp on this critical part of the ICF wall installation. There are no substitutes for Giraffe's solid bracing when it comes to strength, durability, and reliable performance. Wood-structured bracing equipment will not measure up to these qualities. Giraffe ICF Bracing  systems are the leaders in the ICF wall bracing industry.

Giraffe ICF Bracing Advantages: 

  • Giraffe Insulated Concrete Form Bracing allows you to build walls 10', 15' and 20' high. 
  • Giraffe ICF Bracing is the highest quality bracing on the market.
  • Rolled edge, 14 gauge, galvanized steel straight backs.
  • Internal, zinc plated jack system for rust-free, maintenance free operation.
  • Stamped (not welded) foot plates for long life allows for 2nd tall wall diagonal bracing. • Bracing components made with 14 gauge steel painted with epoxy powder coated paint (bright yellow for safety).
  • 14 gauge steel railing posts with brackets for 2x4 rails.
  • Folding platform brackets with unique snap-open alignment.
  • Tall wall unique coupler lock for straight back extensions.
  • 18" steel anchor stakes.
  • Self-locking gravity pins for simple assembly of all connections.
  • Custom storage rack system.


How Giraffe Sets Itself Apart from Other ICF Wall Bracing Equipment: 

Giraffe ICF Bracing's Unique interlocking coupler systemUnique interlocking coupler system allows for joining straight back wall supports securely in tall wall applications.  

Giraffe ICF Bracing Walking PlatformWalking platform is easily installed and the guardrail posts are removable and usable when required.

Giraffe ICF Turnbuckle systemTurnbuckle system of 3/4" zinc plated, threaded rod, inside diagonal braces, for a rust, debris, and maintenance-free system .

Giraffe ICF Bracing Platform BracketsPlatform brackets are foldable and have a unique snap-open alignment system.

Giraffe ICF Bracing Straight Back SupportsStraight back wall supports are made of 14 gauge, rolled edge, galvanized steel for easy handling and stacking.

Giraffe ICF Bracing Unique Rack Storage SystemUnique rack (storage) system can be lifted on all sides with a fork lift or from above via lifting eyes.

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