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Green Building Projects & Image Gallery

Green Building Projects & Image Gallery with Fox Blocks ICF | GH Building Systems GA

People in Georgia rarely see reinforced concrete homes, so imagine how surprised they are when they see the design varieties possible when building with Insulated Concrete Forms & Reinforced concrete - especially award winning homes built with Fox Blocks ICF. The imagination is really the only design limit. Fox Blocks Insulating Concrete Forms are consistent winners at the ICF Builder Awards during the World of Concrete Exhibition in Las Vegas - but then Fox Blocks have been an industry leader for over many years, pushing the envelope when it comes to energy efficient and sustainable building.

Their  experience has led to the most comprehensive range of ICF products & largest range of insulation levels in the Green Building market including thermal mass optimized options, Passive House specifications and Net Zero Homes. Fox Blocks ICF has also been successfully used for numerous USGBC LEED Platinum Certified Projects.

Combine Fox Blocks ICF walls with Insul-Deck ICF concrete deck forms - and you have an ultra energy efficient, strong and durable building envelope - ideal for Georgia and the Southern US, being hurricane resistant by design. Have a browse through our ICF Homes or Commercial buildings galleries below - then think to call us for straight-forward help or a quote. You will be surprised how affordable a Green built, ICF concrete home can be... Ask yourself, when you live in the southern region of the United States, where hurricanes are prevalent - building with highly insulated Concrete makes the best sense...

Residential Project Gallery

Fox Blocks Residential ICF Project Gallery | GH Building Systems GA

Fox Blocks Residential Project Gallery

Commerical Project Gallery

Fox Blocks Commercial ICF Project Gallery | GH Building Systems GA

Fox Blocks Commercial Project Gallery