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All About Green Harbor Building Systems/Classic Construction & ICF LLC

All About Green Harbor Building Systems GA - The Fox Blocks ICF & Green Building Construction Materials Specialists for GA

Our Mission at Green Harbor Building Systems GA

"Assisting, Educating & Inspiring the Residential & Commercial Building Construction Industry & Homeowners in the Southeast US to construct Better, Greener, Safer Buildings at a Lower Cost by using Superior Insulated Concrete Forms”

Our Philosophy

Serving the residential and commercial building construction market in the Southeast US, Green Harbor Building Systems/Classic Construction & ICF, LLC in Georgia is equipped to provide a leading ICF building system and the technical and logistical services to support the construction of the greenest, highest performing, and most-cost-effective structures on the market today. Centering our business around the Fox Blocks insulating concrete form (ICF) building system, the most versatile and among the highest quality ICF building systems, we will partner with our customers to construct new buildings that will deliver performance levels in energy efficiency, natural disaster protection, fire resistance, and overall living comfort and health far superior to what can be achieved with wood frame and concrete block structures.

Green Harbor Building Systems/Classic Construction & ICF LLC is fulfilling its Mission by:

  • Providing homeowners, commercial building owners, and other stakeholders – architects, engineers, contractors, GCs, building inspectors, and other building trades (electricians.  plumbers, etc.) – in the construction industry with accurate technical support and solutions tailored to their specific construction requirements to facilitate transitioning to superior ICF construction techniques.
  • Increasing general awareness of the proven financial, comfort & structural advantages offered by the ICF method of construction in Georgia and bordering states’.
  • Proving to prospective new homeowner customers that reinforced concrete homes built with ICFs are better for them in every way. Showing that Design & Finish can look identical (exterior and interior) to stick-built houses and can accept any exterior finish available for wood-frame houses; in fact, given the versatility of the Fox Blocks ICF system, ICF homes can easily accommodate some of the more difficult architectural features such as tight-radius walls, cantilevered decks, and arched window/door openings at a lower cost (materials & labor) than wood-frame homes.
  • Dispelling the outdated myths of the traditional building industry by Telling the Truth; that superior concrete homes cost significantly less to own month in, month out, than old fashioned stick-built homes; in fact, did you know you can even build the same size superior ICF home at about the same cost as old-fashioned timber? – The truth is that choosing an ICF home equates to approx. a 5% higher initial outlay, which is very rapidly recovered through the significant energy savings (up to 70%) the moment you move in and every month after – Just Imagine, Significantly Lower Heating Costs in Winter, Significantly Lower Cooling Costs in Summer - plus you will get to enjoy the Insurance savings, maintenance savings and the noticeable improvement in your home’s comfort & safety levels all year round.  (See the White Paper from "Understand the True Cost of Building with Insulated Concrete Forms".) By choosing to build in ICF with our help, your new home can cost you less every month you own it - Contact us so we can prove it here 
  • Promoting Safer Home Construction in Georgia & surrounding states and greatly reducing the probable heartache and risk to families of property damage resulting from stick frames inability to resist fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and floods as well as an ICF home does.
  • Showing that the ICF building system provides the optimum structural shell for building owners desiring to construct Net-Zero Energy (NZE) and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified homes; and, providing consultation services regarding the availability of green energy generation and HVAC systems that fully complement the ICF structural envelope in the quest for these environmentally-responsible building achievements & for Green Home Construction in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina & Tennessee.

Once you have the Facts about Building an ICF Home in Georgia, we know you will Choose to Build an ICF Home!