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ICF Construction for Building Professionals in Georgia

ICF Construction for Building Professionals with Fox Blocks Insulating Concrete Forms & Green Harbor Building Systems GA

Building Professionals and ICF Construction: 

If you are a Building Professional – architects/designers, GC/ICF installation contractor, civil/structural engineers, or a building inspector - who is interested in exploring the prospect of adding the Fox Blocks ICF building system to your repertoire of building construction support services; or, if a potential new building client has requested you to provide your respective expertise to support the construction of a Fox Blocks ICF structural building shell and you are not familiar with this innovative green-building system, Green Harbor Building Systems, LLC is prepared to provide you with any level of information that you may need. In addition, we are available to address any questions that may arise at any time during the planning and construction phases of the building project.

As a professional in the new construction arena, you are continuously gauging the growth (or decline) of business within the various sectors - single-family homes, multi-family residential, and/or commercial (with its many subsectors) in order to stay ahead of your competition. You are also listening to your customer-base and making corrections to meet any significant changes in demand. 

Why Should You Build With Fox Blocks Insulating Concrete Forms? 

Builders and contractors can work with their local Fox Blocks Dealership to construct and promote ICF buildings. By working directly with Green Harbor Building Systems, LLC, we can partner with you to provide leads for new Fox Blocks construction projects and furnish the support you need to rapidly come-up to speed for this remarkable building system. Some of the key advantages to using the Fox Blocks ICF building systems are:

Rapid construction with a single crew

  • ICF walls combine the structure, insulation, and the ready-to-use surfaces for internal/external surfaces. Also, the Fox Blocks building systems for walls & floors/roofs are designed to accommodate any utilities required by modern buildings.
  • Far less coordination efforts required for multiple contractors
  • No longer required to assemble, dismantle, transport, and store large, heavy removable forms
  • No need to add insulation or vapor barriers to above grade walls.  

Quick learning curve for unskilled labor

  • Use your in-house crews
  • Crew sizes reduced
  • Reduced labor costs  

No capital investment in forming systems

  • Eliminates the labor needed to clean, maintain, store, and transport these heavy and bulky forming units

Lightweight ICF Panels & components

  • Fewer injuries
  • Lower costs for workers’ compensation insurance  

Energy-efficiency Incentives (State & Federal)

Grow Your Business with Fox Blocks ICFs

What you really want to know now is - as a prospective Fox Blocks ICF builder, how can all the advantages of the Fox Blocks ICF building system grow your business and increase your bottom-line? 

  • LOWER COSTS: Experienced installers can build in excess of 30 square feet of wall area per man-hour (depending on the project). Plus, a single crew can install a complete wall which eliminates the need for multiple subs (framing, furring, insulation, sheathing, etc.).
  • INCREASED BUSINESS: Consistently-satisfied (overwhelming so) Fox Blocks building owners are typically the best promoters of the Fox Blocks product and the installation contractor. These referrals are a major players in growing the business of ICF installers. Also, ICF installers trained by Green Harbor Building Systems, LLC or Fox Blocks are eligible to receive leads from us or Fox Blocks.
  • GREATER PROFITABILITY: Increased business, reduced costs, shorter construction timelines, and fewer callbacks combine to yield higher profit margins. 

Need more evidence? 

For those builders who want more extensive hands-on experience before adding the Fox Blocks ICF building system to your construction repertoire, you can evaluate this product on a small-scale on one of your upcoming construction projects. A great way to “ease your toes into the water” with Fox Blocks is to allow us to train your in-house crew to build the basement of a new home or small commercial building that was originally going to be constructed using removable forms or CMUs. 

We’ll be available to guide you through the entire project and can assist you in getting the required architectural and engineering support as well as obtaining the necessary approvals from the local building inspectors. You will be amazed at the speed of construction (compared to removable forms and CMUs) and the cost savings gained from using your own people to build the basement walls. What’s more, you won’t need to add insulation as is required with CMUs after the wall has been completed (to assure a continuous layer of insulation); or, for removable form construction where the insulation is placed into the forms prior to the pour or after the wall has cured. In addition, the strength of an ICF wall is approximately twice that of an equivalent CMU wall. 

Insulating Conctete Forms ICFs - Moist Curing Time and Compressive Strength of Concrete by PCAComparing the strength of a removable form wall to one formed with ICFs, the ICF wall will always surpass that of its removable forms cousin due to the longer moist curing times that are realized with permanent, stay-in-place forms versus those formed by panels that will be removed from the wall on an average of 7 days following the pour. Please refer to the ‘Moist Curing Time and Compressive Strength Gain’ graph published by Jerry Z. Zemajtis Ph. D., PE (WA) as part of his article “Role of Concrete Curing” on the Portland Cement Association (PCA) website

In addition, we can show you how to save even more money by pouring both the footings and stem walls at the same time. This monolithic pour will require less trips from the Ready-Mix plant and will eliminate the cold-joint between the foundation and the wall.

What are the benefits of building of Fox Blocks ICF that would grab the attention of your prospective building customers?  Send them to this link for the Benefits of Building with Fox Blocks ICF and Concrete video for an excellent visual demonstration of the benefits that your customers will reap when they move-in to their new Fox Blocks ICF building.

Green Harbor Building Systems Helps You Every Step of the Way

Our Services to Building Professionals

Green Harbor Building Systems, LLC is a one-stop shop for furnishing Fox Blocks product information, Fox Blocks materials & supporting accessories, special equipment & tooling, job-site ICF installation training, and any other services required by the building professional who will be supporting a Fox Blocks ICF building project. Please access the OUR SERVICES section of our website for a detailed explanation of these services.

Photos and Detailed Profiles of Fox Blocks Buildings

Building Professionals looking for photographs and profiles of past Fox Blocks ICF construction projects can access both the Fox Blocks  ICF Residential and Commercial Photo Galleries. If additional information concerning these construction profiles is needed, please let us know by submitting a request via our Contact Form.

Request for Assistance

If you require our assistance at any time during a Fox Blocks ICF construction project, call us directly or complete our Contact Form and provide a detailed description of the technical issue or question (with attached photo(s) if appropriate) with which you will need guidance or help. If we can’t provide an immediate response to your questions, we will refer the technical issue(s) to Fox Blocks’s Technical Department and rapidly resolve your situation. Or, for a more expedient solution to your questions, we can use a cloud-based, software program to enable real-time viewing of your photos or videos of the construction detail of interest or other requested means within minutes if we have the solution at our fingertips. However, if the above methods aren’t sufficient, we can travel to your location within the state of Georgia or any neighboring state within a 300-mile radius of Athens, Georgia.

Fox Blocks Product Overview Demo 

If your business is located within the state of Georgia or in a neighboring state within a 300-mile radius of Athens, GA, we can bring Fox Blocks ICF components to your facility and demonstrate how Fox Blocks walls, floors, and roofs are built. Also, by using actual-size models for assembled Fox Blocks walls and decking, we can demonstrate the versatility of the Fox Blocks ICF building system and can further show you how easily this remarkable building system accommodates the plumbing, electrical, gas, HVAC, and other utilities that are used in 21st Century buildings. If your business is located outside of the 300-mile radius, we can host the Fox Blocks demo at a conference hall located within this radius and also relatively close to your facility. Please submit your request for a Fox Blocks product demo using our Contact Form.

Fox Blocks's Training Programs are the Best in the Industry

Fox Blocks has been a leader in not only the ICF industry but the construction industry for providing expert Training with highly qualified and experienced trainers. Fox Blocks Training Programs encompass the following:


Green Harbor Building Systems, LLC is equipped to provide Fox Blocks ICF installation training on the jobsite for contractors who have never used this building system. In addition, we will periodically host formal training sessions at venues that are relatively close to the requesting contractor(s) and/or building inspectors home offices. This more formal, off-site training will offer a mix of classroom instruction followed by hands-on practice sessions. Contractors interested in attending the Fox Blocks ICF Installation Training Course should submit their requests via our online Contact Form, being sure to specify the area in which you would like the Fox Blocks installation training to be administered in the ‘What I would like to know’ box of this form. 


Architects, Designers & Engineers can request a seminar that provides basic Fox Blocks knowledge, technical requirements, and specification materials. To register or get additional information on Fox Blocks’s Architects & Engineers seminars in Atlanta GA, Contact us here.   

Fox Blocks also has a complete library of PDF Construction Details and AutoCad Construction Details available. 


The Fox Blocks YouTube channel is jam packed with "How To" and instructional videos for Building Professionals.  View the "Fox Blocks How To" playlist here.  Their most popular video -  Building the 1st few rows of Fox Blocks - shows just how easy it is to work with Fox Blocks Insulating Concrete Forms. 

Installation Training – Fox Blocks ICF - How to Build the First Rows of Fox Blocks Insulating Concrete Forms 

Fox Blocks ICF - Storm Shelters & Safe Rooms with ICF & Concrete Construction  

Contact us directly for more information on Fox Blocks's Training Programs in the Atlanta, GA and south western USA.


Building Codes are Covered with Fox Blocks

Fox Blocks has an extensive library covering all of the required Building Codes as they pertain to residential or commercial ICF construction, as well as testing and evaluation reports:

See Fox Blocks Building Code Approvals for additional information.

In addition to the coverage of the codes and standards listed above, these above-cited sections also include information on Fox Blocks’s conformance to other requirements such as satisfying the need for a 15-minute thermal barrier, its suitability for both combustible and non-combustible construction types, and the testing of Fox Blocks walls for their sound attenuation capabilities to ASTM 90 Standard Test Method for Laboratory Measurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partitions and Elements.  

Fox Blocks's ICF Installation Manual & Training Guide

The Fox Blocks Insulating Concrete Forms Installation Manual provides you with all the instructions for working with the Fox Blocks ICF wall system.  

If you have any questions pertaining to any aspect of how Fox Blocks ICFs are assembled to create the various structural and architectural components of a building (radius walls or pilasters & square columns for example); or, if you would like to know how this building system accommodates other general construction requirements such as waterproofing, the installation of utilities, and the attachment of exterior finishes to Fox Blocks walls,  please contact us directly.

Fox Blocks also has a complete library of  PDF Construction Details and AutoCad Construction Details available. 

If you would like to view a structural detail or other type of feature that is not listed among these drawings, contact Green Harbor Building Systems, LLC directly and we will be happy to facilitate your drawing request with Fox Blocks.