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ICF Construction for Building Inspectors in Georgia

ICF Construction for Building Inspectors in Atlanta GA

Building Inspectors and ICF Construction: 

If you are the local building inspector for an upcoming Fox Blocks construction project, Green Harbor Building Systems, LLC will be happy to visit your office or a designated place between our two locations to familiarize you with the Fox Blocks building system. 

We are prepared to provide you with any level of information that you may need. In addition, we are available to answer any questions that may arise as you are conducting the periodic inspections of the building during the installation phase of the construction project.

Green Harbor Building Systems GA also offer the following services for Building Inspectors:

Request for Assistance: 

If you require our assistance at any time during the Fox Blocks ICF installation phase of a construction project, please complete our Contact Form and provide a detailed description of the technical issue or question (with attached photo(s) if appropriate) with which you need guidance or help. If we can’t furnish an immediate response to your questions, we will refer the technical issue to Fox Blocks’s Technical Department; or, for a more expedient solution to your questions, we can use a cloud-based, online collaboration software program to enable real-time viewing of your photos, plans or videos of the construction detail of interest to be able to give you immediate responses.

Fox Blocks Product Overview Demo: 

If your office is within a 300 mile radius of Athens, Georgia, we can bring Fox Blocks ICF components to your office and demonstrate how Fox Blocks walls, floors, and/or roofs are installed. Also, by using actual-size models for assembled Fox Blocks walls and decking, we can show you how easily Fox Blocks structures can accommodate the plumbing, electrical, gas, HVAC, and other utilities that are used in 21st Century buildings.

Building Codes, Evaluation Reports, and Findings of Tests & Evaluations for Fox Blocks Walls/ICFs: 

Fox Blocks has an extensive library covering all of the required Building Codes as they pertain to residential or commercial ICF construction, as well as testing and evaluation reports:

See Fox Blocks Building Code Approvals for additional information.

In addition to the coverage of the codes and standards listed above, these above-cited sections also include information on Fox Blocks’s conformance to other requirements such as satisfying the need for a 15-minute thermal barrier, its suitability for both combustible and non-combustible construction types, and the testing of Fox Blocks walls for their sound attenuation capabilities to ASTM 90 Standard Test Method for Laboratory Measurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partitions and Elements.