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Why Insulating Concrete Forms?

A concrete home is left standing after Hurricane KatrinaInsulated Concrete Forms or ICF provide the best living environment and are revolutionizing the building industry in North America and Europe. You can quickly build ultra-efficient, comfortable, quiet & incredibly safer and more durable buildings. Fox Blocks ICFs for walls form solid, reinforced-concrete buildings and the stay-in-place expanded polystyrene (EPS) forms with integrally-molded, rigid, high density polypropylene ties provide superior insulation, attachment surfaces for interior & exterior finishes, and the space to run utilities.

The Ideal Applications include:

  • Exterior walls or complete building envelopes for any climate & use including; residential, commercial, multi-family, hospitality, educational & worship facilities
  • Finished, Insulated Basements
  • Sustainable Buildings including; Net-Zero, USGBC LEED, Passive House, IBHS Fortified for Safer Living, EnergyWise, etc.
  • Resilient Construction in High-Wind, Active Seismic and Flood areas
  • Green Roofs, Safe Rooms, Swimming Pools & more.

Research concludes that the single most cost-effective energy solution is Saving Energy in Buildings and nothing comes close to the long-term energy savings of improved building insulation. In fact, buildings in our country account for more than 40% of the total energy resources expended by our nation.

Insulated Concrete Forms are the best building material to use on your next project because of the exceptional energy efficiency, comfort, safety ratings, and speed of construction at a Lower Total Cost of Ownership!

Understand the True Cost of Building with Insulating Concrete Forms

Understand the True Cost of Building with Insulated Concrete Forms White Paper with Fox Blocks | Green Harbor Building Systems GAA recent White Paper from, sponsored by Fox Blocks ICF, looks at the benefits and cost analysis of building with Insulating Concrete Forms.  As building codes demand homes with tighter building envelopes and continuous insulation, home builders and consumers are looking for building strategies that deliver that performance without paying a premium. That's why homes built with insulated concrete forms are becoming a popular choice in many climates...

Read the complete White Paper on Understanding the True Cost of Building with Insulated Concrete Forms here.

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