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Why Fox Blocks Insulating Concrete Forms?

Why Fox Blocks ICF is a better building system | Green Harbor Building Systems GAAfter decades of experience and innovation in the ICF industry, Fox Blocks backs up its products with the support and service that designers, builders, and homeowners expect. 

Dedicated Customer Support 

Fox Blocks is committed to hands-on premium client services with a support team consisting of Client Reps, Order Specialists, and Freight Coordinators that are always available to insure its ICF products get ordered and delivered seamlessly. 

Exclusive Technical Resources 

Working with Fox Blocks doesn’t mean a one-time exchange and then using ICFs on your own. Instead, you can work with some of the most experienced ICF professionals in the industry to determine the best way to proceed with your specific project. 

Strong ICF Brand Recognition 

The Fox Blocks brand is supported by the best-in-class services and the highly-rated performance of these ICFs. As the latest generation of ICF technology, Fox Blocks is a proud leader in ICF products, manufacturing, and education.

With Fox Blocks, you’ll have access to:

  • An engineer who can help you with prescriptive wall reinforcement, moisture management, and building code compliance.
  • Specialists who can teach installation techniques on-site and answer questions throughout the construction process.
  • Fox Blocks’ number one asset – its employees, dealers, and network of architects/designers and builders experienced in the use and installation of this innovative ICF building system. 

Performance, Strength, and Ease of Use:

  • Sustainability and Energy Efficiency: Fox Blocks ICFs tackle all three of the thermal transfer properties that define the energy efficiency of a building. The performance characteristics of a Fox Blocks wall that are listed below can reduce a building’s heating and cooling costs dramatically and puts Net Zero Energy goals within reach: 
    • Conduction: High R-Value of R-23.5 
    • Convection: This property addresses the air tightness of a wall. Fox Blocks walls typically achieve an ACH (Air Changes/Hour) rating of 0.04 to 0.09. This metric indicates the number of times the entire air volume of a building is exchanged with the outside air – the lower the ACH, the tighter the building. 
    • Radiation: The concrete wall that is encased by the EPS panels yields a very high thermal mass when compared to that of other building materials.
  • Reversible Forms: Fox Blocks’ forms are universal with no defined top or bottom, no right or wrong side, and no left or right corner which reduces installation labor by decreasing the time to stack the blocks.
  • Engineered Ties: The high-density polypropylene (HDPP) ties that are molded into the Fox Blocks’ forms have excellent strength and feature integrally-molded clips that are capable of securing the horizontal reinforcing steel placed inside of the forms. The open truss design allows for proper concrete consolidation.
  • Full-Height, Stackable-Ties: When stacking the Fox Blocks’ forms, the ties of the upper forms are stacked directly on top of the ties in the blocks, a feature that prevents the forms from settling (racking) during concrete placement. The flanges on the ends of the ties run the entire height of the form and are a full 1½” wide which provides an uninterrupted surface to which drywall and exterior finishes can be attached. The tested fastener pull-out strength is equal to or exceeds that of wood.
  • True 1.5 Pounds Per Cubic Foot (pci) EPS Foam Density: Fox Blocks forms always feel solid and you’ll experience less damage to forms during shipping and handling.
  • Unmatched Corner Performance: Fox Blocks ICF Building Systems has unmatched corner design | Green Harbor Atlanta GA
    • Universal 90 degree corner: There are no left or right corners; only one corner, designed to work as both left & right. 
    • Reinforced Bridging: By using an ample amount of plastic to reinforce the corner, the design provides superior support during concrete pours, virtually eliminating the possibility of blowouts. 
    • Corner Tie Design: The Patent-Pending design provides a horizontal connector for more fastening points and increased strength. Ties allow for 110 sq.ft. of fastening area. 
    • Full-Height Fastening Strips: Full height continuous furring for easy attachment of finishes. 
    • Longest, Strongest Corner in the Business: The Fox Blocks’ engineering staff developed more length to the corners and introduced the heaviest cross-tie corner bracket on the market. Adding these features to the form’s large/strong interlock stopped rotation and movement within the blocks during the pour and added needed burst strength. Having this bracket, and no less than two ties from each corner in all 45⁰ and 90⁰ blocks, eliminates the need for additional strapping or internal ties. 
    • Improved Rebar Placement: Ties allow rebar lap splices to lay on top of each other for good flowability during concrete placement.